Our Projects

The projects that Dry Ground undertake share stories of various brave women to inspire other women to use their gifts to make an impact. Whether it be a celebration or a struggle, we seek to highlight their journeys one step at a time.


View some of our past projects below.


The Beauty Clause

The Beauty Clause started as a conversation between friends. Curious about the varying standards of beauty found in countries around the world, Melissa Sievers, Jordan Moses and Audrey Johnston dove head first into planning what turned into a life-affirming passion project.

We Are SuStained

We Are SuStained is the beginning of a healing journey. Driven to tell her own sexual assault story, Esther Knox set out to show the effects of rape in a real and captivating way. We Are SuStained is a photo series that depicts women who have bravely taken a stance against rape. Rather than putting it into words, it shares visually how the acts of violence and aggression leave stains on our bodies, our minds, and the rest of our lives.