Set against the backdrop of fifteen countries, The Beauty Clause is a literary project dedicated to discovering, understanding, and celebrating authentic beauty in cultures around the world. Our hope is that by bringing awareness and understanding to the different standards of beauty found throughout The United States, Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia our readers will be able to more easily recognize beauty in other people, as well as in themselves. This book is a compilation of stories,  quotes, and photographs from women that we had the pleasure of meeting during our travels.


Everyone has a story to tell about a version of the world that others know nothing about. 

Our hope is that the stories we share will help build a community of compassionate individuals focused on promoting empathy amidst diversity and camaraderie upon similarities - a community where women feel comfortable and confident enough to be themselves in a world that is constantly telling them not to.

The Authors
Melissa Sievers

I'm Melissa, co-founder of The Beauty Clause. We thought it only fair that if we were asking women to climb into the hot seat and reveal bits and pieces of themselves to the world that we do the same as well. For me, The Beauty Clause is about helping women find the courage to live comfortably and confidently. Every single person in this world fights inner demons we know nothing about. My hope is that by traveling the world and sharing the stories of women who fight battles similar to our own, we will not only create a more compassionate perspective of people that are different from us, but by loving others, we will also learn to love ourselves. Personally, it  took me a hell of a long time to feel the way I do about myself and I'll be damned if I let anyone or ​anything take it from me.

Jordan Moses

I'm Jordan, co-founder of The Beauty Clause. To me, beauty is whatever your soul longs for, what raises you up or boils your blood. Beauty is the quirky little mannerisms that make you- you. We all have a little piece of original hiding behind walls built to protect ourselves from a cruel world. I feel most beautiful when I am encouraging other women to be brave enough to break through those walls and embrace who they were created to be, to own themselves, and to unapologetically run towards their dreams. This project is not just a project to me it is in part what makes me- me.

Audrey Johnston
Creative Director

I’m Audrey, creative director of The Beauty Clause. I’ve never really had a boyfriend and very few guys have ever even been interested in me. Although I don’t believe these things define me, I would be lying if I said it didn’t have somewhat of an effect me. Dwelling on what may be wrong with you and wondering why someone might not be interested is a slippery slope. Those feelings can leave you longing to look and be like someone that you are not. For me, those thoughts are exactly why The Beauty Clause is important. It’s a platform that celebrates the physical beauty of women of different sizes, heights, skin color, and backgrounds, while at the same time, promoting their strengths, ideas, and beliefs. I think it is often easier to say, “I am beautiful on the inside,” rather than just, “I am beautiful,” but I’ve already come to realize through this that if I’m not willing to voice out loud that I am beautiful then there are those who will do it for me. I think the more that we hear that we are beautiful, the easier it will be for all of us to start thinking and believing it ourselves.

*Book designed by Esther Knox

The Beauty Clause