About Us

Dry Ground was created by three friends who see the importance of telling stories of women from around the world. It is a platform that recognizes the power that women have, and gives them a space to speak and have their voices heard.

Audrey Johnston

A passion for both film and storytelling, Audrey pursued her degree in film and video production from the University of Oklahoma. It wouldn’t be until her time working with The Beauty Clause, that a new passion would arise, women empowerment. She enjoys working on storytelling projects that are raw and vulnerable and believes that by sharing these stories they garner strength. In her personal life, she seeks to encourage women to find their identity in Jesus and to help them pursue a deeper understanding of who He is.

Jordan Moses

Jordan is a connector by nature. Nothing brings her more joy than bringing people together with different skill sets to make things happen. She is passionate about creating a safe space for women to be cheered on instead of competing for the scraps. She believes every woman has a unique part to play and there is enough space for all of us.

Esther Knox

Esther was born in Canada, lived in three different provinces in China, and in four U.S. states, which has taught her to adapt to new environments with ease. Being a nomad her whole life meant constantly meeting new people and hearing stories about lives that were very different than her own. Esther is fascinated with people and their innate desire to share their experiences with others, and at a young age was inspired to do the same. She became an artist to share her own experiences. Now, Esther uses art as a way to transfer ideas, expressions, feelings and emotions.